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Answers to Extra Challenges
  1. A child might draw a picture of a table to show that there are fewer tables than students in the classroom. She may draw crayons to show that there are many more crayons than children.
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  2. The children should draw a picture of their family members and write their ages underneath. They will probably know the ages of their siblings, but they might be confused with their parents' ages. Some students may have difficulty in ordering by age rather than by a physically observable characteristic such as size.
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  3. If a child writes the name JACK on his paper, he needs to find three other names of classmates with fewer letters, like Max, DJ, and Ann. He should also find three names with more letters like Kathryn, David, and Tanya. Finally, he should see if there are any kids who have the same number of letters in their name as him like Bill and Sara. Using graph paper helps students easily compare the lengths of their names, as well as serving as an introduction to the concept of a simple graph.
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