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Hello everyone,
This is Max. I’m back!
And this is the tale
Of Zeke [Zeek] and Zack.


A Tale about Zeke and Zack

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Yes, Zack and Zeke,
Zeke and Zack,
Two great friends,
A dog and a cat.

They took a trip,
This dog and this kitty.
Off they went
To see the big city.

Zeke was big
And Zack was little.
But whatever they bought
They split down the middle.

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Zeke said, "I'm hungry.
How about you?"
So they bought a sandwich
And split it in two.

They bought 4 hot dogs
And this worked best:
Zeke took half
Zack took the rest.

They did some more wandering
All over town
Then bought 6 hamburgers
And swallowed them down.

They passed the zoo,
They saw a giraffe
They had 8 marshmallows
And each took half.

Yes, Zeke was big
And Zack was little
But whatever they had
They split down the middle.

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Max's Challenge

Zeke and Zack shared everything "down the middle." Use the pictures on the Activity Page to show how they shared the food. How much food did Zeke eat?

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Extra Challenges

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Zeke ate:

half a sandwich, 2 hot dogs, 3 hamburgers, 4 marshmallows

2 sandwiches, 1 hot dog, 5 hamburgers, 6 marshmallows

1 sandwich, 4 hot dogs, 6 hamburgers, 8 marshmallows