Max Math's Adventure

Extra Challenges
Here are some more challenges for students to try. The more red dots, the harder the challenge.
  1. Choose a real animal, such as a lion or a giraffe. Draw that animal using only squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles. When your drawing is complete, label your animal and the shapes you used.
    Difficulty Level:

  2. The Round-Headed Furkle has a head shaped like a circle. The Fighting Blue Yovals have bodies that are shape like ovals. How are circles and ovals alike? How are they different? Can ovals and circles be used in the same ways? Draw and explain your answer.
    Difficulty Level:

  3. Make up your own animal for the Fantastical Zoo. Choose a shape that was not used before such as a trapezoid or a hexagon. Describe your animal using as many geometric words as you can.
    Difficulty Level:

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