ReadAbout®:Content. Comprehension. Cool.
Adaptive, Leveled, Nonfiction Reading Technology for Grades 3-8
ReadAbout is flexible enough to be used in the classroom, in the computer lab, and in before- and after-school programs. ReadAbout enhances any core reading program by integrating the software and print materials into the English-language arts curriculum.
Implementation Model

Classroom Implementation

Computer Lab Implementation

Minimum Recommended Use Per Week

The ReadAbout implementation model includes ReadAbout software, small-group instruction, and independent reading, writing and vocabulary.
20 Minutes ReadAbout Software
20 Minutes ReadAbout Smart FilesT
20 Minutes ReadAbout Software

  • At least 20 minutes on ReadAbout software per student twice per week

  • At least 20 minutes with ReadAbout SmartFiles or lessons per student per week

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