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Adaptive, Leveled, Nonfiction Reading Technology for Grades 3-8
Program Overview: Differentiated Instruction
The adaptive technology in ReadAbout allows for effective differentiated instruction to personalize each student’s experience in the reading program. ReadAbout helps a wide range of students, including those below, on, or above level; English-Language Learners; and students with special needs. The ReadAbout reading program is not appropriate for students who require intensive intervention. Those students’ needs can be met with READ 180.

The ReadAbout reading software helps students at every level improve their reading achievement with proper differentiated instruction.

Differentiated Instruction: Tailored to Below-Level Students Differentiated Instruction: Tailored to On-Level Students Differentiated Instruction: Tailored to Above-Level Students Differentiated Instruction: Tailored to English Language Learner Students Differentiated Instruction: Tailored to Special Needs Students
  ReadAbout scaffolds vocabulary through supported words and idioms in the text.   ReadAbout provides real-world experience with nonfiction text and additional opportunities to build word knowledge.   ReadAbout offers more challenging levels of text as students progress beyond reading efficiency and word mastery.   ReadAbout provides extra support with Spanish cognates. Words are read aloud in both English and Spanish.   ReadAbout allows control of learner input, provides assessment, and can be used by students in general education class.  

Management System
(SAM) and Detailed
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ReadAbout is able to differentiate instruction through initial placement, continuous assessment, and detailed reporting.
Initial Placement Continuous Assessment Detailed Reporting
Scholastic Reading Inventory assesses each student; ReadAbout® reading software uses differentiated instruction
ReadAbout® reading program assesses students and continually adjusts differentiated instruction
Scholastic Achievement Manager allows easy report generation for effective differentiated instruction
Students are appropriately placed in ReadAbout through Scholastic Reading Inventory® (SRI), which assesses each student’s reading level and monitors yearly progress.
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The ReadAbout software continually assesses students based on their responses and adjusts instruction according to their needs.
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The Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM) allows teachers and administrators to generate reports and use data to effectively differentiate instruction.
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