The “New” Fourth Grade Slump

The most recent NAEP data offers encouraging news: fourth-grade reading scores are up across the country. However, that same data tells us that kids are losing ground after fourth grade. Both eighth- and eleventh-grade scores are lower than fourth-grade scores and are on the decline. We think it's time to start talking about the "new" fourth-grade slump. This slump starts in fourth grade with a whole new set of causal factors and far-ranging consequences.

The Fourth-Grade Slump

What’s “new” about the fourth-grade slump?
Quite a bit, actually.

All of this has resulted in a slump with consequences that range far beyond fourth grade. The most recent NAEP data reveals that, left unchecked, the fourth grade slump turns into a full blown achievement gap by 8th grade. Enter ReadAbout. Designed to work seamlessly alongside your core reading program, ReadAbout uses the power of technology, high interest nonfiction and the best thinking about motivation to jump the slump, before it ever has a chance to take hold.