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Adaptive, Leveled, Nonfiction Reading Technology for Grades 3-8
Professional Development

Scholastic offers web-based and in-person implementation training, as well as supplemental professional development to help teachers be successful and to foster and sustain best teacher practices in the classroom.

Implementation Training
Two full days of implementation training are included with each purchase of ReadAbout
In ReadAbout implementation training, teachers and administrators learn how to effectively use ReadAbout. Web-based and in-person trainings include:
  • Program implementation
  • Classroom management
  • Software, print materials, and management system walk-throughs
  • Individualizing instruction with data and progress monitoring

Supplemental ReadAbout Seminars
Scholastic offers two half-day supplemental ReadAbout seminars to ensure that teachers receive ongoing, in-depth professional development designed specifically for ReadAbout. These seminars can be purchased along with your ReadAbout plan.

Seminar 1:
Developing Independent Readers With ReadAbout
    Teachers learn how to:
  • Motivate students to select and read appropriately leveled books.
  • Deepen students’ knowledge in areas of interest.
  • Identify and model comprehension skills with which students are struggling.

Seminar 2:
Writing in the Service of Reading With ReadAbout
    Teachers learn how to:
  • Help students identify key features of writing types and their purpose.
  • Teach common characteristics of effective writing using the 6+1 Trait® Writing Lessons.
  • Evaluate and score student writing with rubrics.

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