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Adaptive, Leveled, Nonfiction Reading Technology for Grades 3-8
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Go ReadAbout Edition
The Grolier Online ReadAbout Edition offers students a bridge for deeper knowledge in the ReadAbout classroom, content-area classroom, school library, and at home. This comprehensive online learning and research resource provides a wealth of material on high-interest topics that students can read independently and successfully.
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ReadAbout Content Area Libraries
The ReadAbout Content Area Libraries engage students in high-interest nonfiction books that reinforce key reading and content-area skills by enhancing knowledge in science, social studies, and life through independent reading. Each title provides students with further practice in comprehension and strengthens reading strategies taught in ReadAbout.
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READ 180
READ 180 Enterprise Edition is America’s premier reading intervention program which is proven effective in helping educators confront the problem of adolescent illiteracy on multiple fronts, using technology, print, and professional development
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Scholastic Reading Inventory
Scholastic Reading Inventory Enterprise Edition is the fast and accurate way to assess student reading levels and monitor reading progress. SRI will help you identify struggling readers, plan for instruction, gauge the effectiveness of your curriculum, and demonstrate accountability.
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Scholastic Guided Reading Programs
Scholastic Guided Reading Programs deliver the materials you need to help ALL students become strategic and independent readers who love to read! The Guided Reading system for book leveling assigns each book a letter (A–Z) based on the degree of challenge it represents.
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Scholastic Zip Zoom English
Scholastic Zip Zoom English supports beginning English-Language Learners in Grades K–3 in developing critical language and reading skills. Using the power of technology and groundbreaking sequential Critical-Word Reader books, Zip Zoom English puts English-Language Learners on the fast path to success.
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