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Benefits for Teachers

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Set up your classes to use Scholastic programs

Fast one-step student management.

  • Add and enroll a student or group of students
  • Set up READ180 and other Scholastic programs
  • Add, drop, or transfer your students in classes and groups

Easy program settings

  • Set up application for entire class, group, or for a specific student in one step
  • Access to grading tools

Access recommended reports for each
student, group, or class

Useful reporting tools

  • Generate reports and drill down to each class, group, and student
  • Customize reports on screen by sorting data and changing the time period

Print and save reports

  • Access reports in PDF format to file or share with students, parents, or administrators
  • Save reports to your personal computer

Use prescriptive tools

  • Quick access to recent reports
  • Link directly from reports to a library of teaching resources
  • Access the data you need to differentiate instruction

Find the right resources for differentiating

Finding the right resource

  • Use a simple search feature to find resources quickly
  • Browse resources based on product, skill, grade, and domain
  • Access professional development resources

Using resources

  • Print lesson plans to use in Small- or Whole-Group Instruction
  • Print worksheets to hand to students for homework
  • Access parent material

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