Online Resources & Courses

Scholastic U’s easy-to-access resources and courses help all teachers expand their expertise to support READ 180 students across content areas. Our flexible implementation model accommodates teachers pursing self-paced just-in-time learning or in-depth study—or a blended model of online learning and facilitated onsite study.

Just-In-Time Resources: Immediate Support When You Need It

Do you have 5 minutes?

Scholastic U’s just-in-time learning library includes thousands of resources: modeled lessons, videos, management tools, assessments, student resources, lesson plans - and more!

Do you have 2 hours?

Scholastic U includes access to live training webinars, classroom videos and faculty keynotes, professional articles, discussion guides, and the option for onsite, facilitator-led teacher cadres to complement online learning.

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Graduate-Level Courses: In-Depth Study at Your Own Pace

Do You Have 1 Hour Per Week to Earn Graduate Credit?

Teachers enrolled in Scholastic U online courses can earn graduate credit from Scholastic U accredited university partners.

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