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Credit Costs

Course tuition for 3 credits $165.00
Course tuition for 2 credits $140.00


Register for professional development credit only after you have started your online course. All participants must register within 10 days of enrolling in their course in order to qualify for professional development credit.

Collaboration between Scholastic U and Alaska Pacific University (accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities) allows educators to register to receive credit for Scholastic U courses from Alaska Pacific University. Credit hours are noted on the table below. These credits are being offered as Continuing Education or Professional Development credits. Participants who intend to transfer these credits to a degree program should first consult with the degree-granting institution for approval.


Please call the Alaska Pacific University Registrar's Office at 907.564.8210 and speak with Jennifer Albert or Evelina Walker. You will receive a Non-Degree seeking application and registration by email or in the mail. Please complete the form and return to the Registrar's office. Include the name of the course and the course number you wish to register for in your request.

You may also email the request for registration to

You must register within 10 (ten) days of enrolling in a Scholastic U course.

NOTE: Registration is not complete until payment is received.

Course Requirements
  • Participate in all required online sessions
  • Read all assigned readings
  • Keep notes during the course of the important aspects and your reflections
  • Upon completion of the Scholastic U course, send a copy of your Scholastic U Course Record to Alaska Pacific University.

Upon completion of the course, you must send a 1-2 page reflection and personal summary of the course. Include the following:

  • Number and title of course
  • Your name
  • Your address, email address and telephone number(s)
  • Highlight and briefly discuss 3 major key points of the course
  • Relate how you will apply these key points in your profession

Send this summary to Karen McCain,

The grading criteria for the Scholastic U Final Review are:

A 18-20
B 16-17
C 14-15
D 12-13
F 11 and below

**Your Reflection and personal summary of the course will also be considered in your grade.

To send a copy of your Scholastic U Course Record, go to and log in using your username and password. From the Scholastic U home page, click the My Course Record button on the upper left side of the page. Click the Download PDF button on the upper right corner of the page. Attach the PDF and email your Course Record to Alaska Pacific University at this address:

Official or unofficial transcripts can be ordered at the end of the semester for which you are registered. Please contact the Alaska Pacific University Registrar's Office. Instructor of Record: Karen McCain Class contact for course information: Karen McCain, 907.56.8243 or email

Instructor ofrecord: Karen McCain
Class contact for grade: Karen McCain, 907-564-8243 or email

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about any course information, please contact Evelina Walker or Karen McCain

Full course title and number: Select from the options listed below. Include full title and number.

If a course is offered through Scholastic U and does not appear below, please contact the Registrar's Office at APU.

Course TitleNumber of CreditsProfessional Development Course NumberUndergraduate Course Number
Developing Foundations for Early Childhood Success (Pre-K)3EDUC 59818EDUC 29041
Putting Reading First in Your Classroom (K-2)3EDUC 59801EDUC 29026
Building Fluency (K-2)3EDUC 59802EDUC 29027
6 Traits: Building a Foundation for Writing (K-2)3EDUC 59817EDUC 29040
Building Vocabulary for Reading Success (K-3)3EDUC 59813EDUC 29038
Reading Success for English Language Learners (K-3)3EDUC 59812EDUC 29037
Guided Reading: Making It Work in Your Classroom (K-6)3EDUC 59804EDUC 29029
Exploring the Lexile Framework for Reading (3-12)3EDUC 59822EDUC 29045
Building Foundational Skills: Phonics, Word Study, and Comprehension (3-12)3 EDUC 59823 EDUC 29046
Improving Reading Comprehension (3-5)3EDUC 59807EDUC 29032
Building Decoding Skills and Strategies (3-5)3EDUC 59805EDUC 29030
6 Traits: Assessing and Teaching Writing (3-8)3EDUC 59821EDUC 29044
Improving Fluency, (3-8)3EDUC 59803EDUC 29028
Strategies for Teaching Striving Readers (6-12)3EDUC 59814EDUC 29039
Supporting Secondary Teachers in Literacy Instruction (6-12)2EDUC 59815
Leading a Literacy Focused School (6-12)2EDUC 59816
Middle School Literacy: Improving Text Comprehension3EDUC 59808EDUC 29033
Improving Decoding Skills and Strategies (6-8)3EDUC 59806EDUC 29031
High School Literacy: Comprehension Through Active, Strategic Reading3EDUC 59809EDUC 29034
English: A Universal Tool (9-12)3 EDUC 59824 EDUC 29047
READ 180 Next Generation: Best Practices for Reading Intervention3EDUC 59825EDUC 29048
READ 180: Best Practices for Reading Intervention (3-12)3EDUC 59811EDUC 29036
ReadAbout: Improving Nonfiction Reading Comprehension (3-8)3EDUC 59719EDUC 29042

Location of class: Enter the city and state where the course is being taken.

Class date(s): Enter the "current date" in the field requesting class dates.

**Note: The course start date will be the date you register for the course with Alaska Pacific University. You must register for credit within 10 days of enrolling in a Scholastic U course. The course end date is 90 days after the course start date.

Fees: Select the button for 3 semester units of credit - $165.00, for 2 credits - $140.00.

University Credit for Scholastic U Professional Development Courses

Effective professional development requires that teachers reflect on their learning and refine their teaching based on that reflection. Teachers enrolled in Scholastic U courses study and apply the research-based components of effective reading instruction and reading strategies. Over a period of several weeks, teachers implement and refine these strategies as they work towards transforming their online coursework into classroom practice.

Participants applying for credit for Scholastic U courses must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Scholastic U participants will be allowed to enroll in and earn graduate credit for only two Scholastic U courses per semester/quarter (corresponding to university Fall (September-December), Winter/Spring (January-May), and Summer (June-August) semesters/quarters).
  • Each Scholastic U course must be completed in no less than 5 weeks and no more than one calendar year.
  • Participants must register for graduate credit within 10 days of enrolling in their Scholastic U course.

Credit requirements and policies may vary by university. Check with the university where you are applying to ensure that you meet its requirements.