Scholastic U Graduate Partner - Asland University

Ashland University

Credit Costs

Fee per 3 credit hour Scholastic U course $405.00
Fee per 2 credit hour Scholastic U course $27.00

Graduate credit from Ashland University may be earned upon successful completion of Scholastic U course requirements. Graduate credits may be used as electives in select Ashland University M.S. Education programs and/or to meet local salary or State of Ohio licensure requirements.


Each Scholastic U course is worth three semester hours of graduate credit. (Students who enroll in Scholastic U courses for credit must pay for their own credit hours. Credit hour costs are based on semester hour rates established by the university.)

Online Course Registration

To register go to the Ashland University site by clicking on or cutting and pasting this link to your browser: Click "ONLINE CLASSES" (in the purple bar) and select Scholastic U. Click on the appropriate course link to register.

Adjunct Professor of Record

Tom Lavinder

Ashland University Contact

Tom Lavinder
Ashland University
401 College Ave.
Ashland, OH 44805-3702
Telephone: 800-882-1548 or 419-289-5350

Students enrolled in Scholastic U courses for graduate credit are required to:

  • Participate in and complete all required online and face-to-face sessions.
  • Send your Scholastic U Course Record to Ashland University upon completion of the Scholastic U course. The result on the Course Review (end of course assessment) will determine your final grade.

To send a copy of your Scholastic U Course Record, go to and log in using your username and password. From the Scholastic U homepage, click the My Course Record button on the lower left side of the page. Click the Email My Scholastic U Course Record link and follow the instructions. Be sure to check the box for Ashland University.

The grading criteria to receive graduate credit are:

A 18-20
B 16-17
C 14-15
D 12-13
F 11 and below

Transcripts from Ashland University are available at Click on "TRANSCRIPT REQUEST" (in the purple bar).

Course TitleCourse NumberCredit Hours
Developing Foundations for Early Childhood6130 M33
6 Traits: Building a Foundation for Writing6130 A13
Putting Reading First in Your Classroom6130 P13
Building Fluency6130 E13
Building Vocabulary for Reading Success6130 F13
Reading Success for English Language Learners6130 T13
Building Foundational Skills: Phonics, Word Study, and Comprehension6130 Y83
Exploring the Lexile Framework for Reading6130 C13
6 Traits: Assessing and Teaching Writing6130 B13
Improving Reading Comprehension6130 L13
Building Decoding Skills and Strategies6130 D13
Improving Fluency6130 K13
Strategies for Teaching Striving Readers6130 U13
Supporting Secondary Teachers in Literacy Instruction6130 V12
Leading a Literacy-Focused School6130 M12
Middle School Literacy: Improving Text Comprehension6130 N13
Improving Decoding Skills and Strategies6130 J13
High School Literacy: Comprehension Through Active, Strategic Reading6130 H13

Effective professional development requires that teachers reflect on their learning and refine their teaching based on that reflection. Teachers enrolled in Scholastic U courses study and apply the research-based components of effective reading instruction and reading strategies. Over a period of several weeks, teachers implement and refine these strategies as they work towards transforming their online coursework into classroom practice.

Participants applying for graduate credit for Scholastic U courses must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Scholastic U participants will be allowed to enroll in and earn graduate credit for only two Scholastic U courses per semester/quarter (corresponding to university Fall (September-December), Winter/Spring (January-May), and Summer (June-August) semesters/quarters).
  • Each Scholastic U course must be completed in no fewer than 5 weeks and no more than 15 weeks.
  • Participants must register for graduate credit within 10 days of logging-in to their Scholastic U course.

PLEASE NOTE: Graduate credit requirements and policies may vary by university. Check with the university where you are applying for graduate credit to ensure that you meet its requirements.