Scholastic U for Leaders

The most successful literacy improvement initiatives are built on a foundation of sustained support. Scholastic U helps leaders deliver and manage cost-effective professional development that ensures students get the literacy support they need throughout their instructional day.


Scholastic U’s Just-In-Time Learning library features instructional and management resources to help busy leaders drive student achievement.

Online Courses

Scholastic U offers graduate-level courses focusing on literacy leadership and support for teachers in literacy instruction. Courses include resources and tools to help leaders achieve immediate and long-lasting achievement results.

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Scholastic U’s robust reporting capabilities allow administrators to monitor progress and improvement in teacher practice. Comprehensive District Usage Reports provide real-time data on teachers’ participation and progress in learning activities. Reports include data at the individual, school, and district levels.

Observation Tools

Principals receive training in effective literacy leadership. Scholastic U provides practical assessment tools that enable leaders to observe evidence of literacy strategy instruction across subject areas and use results to support teachers and inform professional development.


In-person training is available to help leaders manage professional development school- and district-wide. Principals receive training in effective literacy leadership. Scholastic also trains literacy coaches to lead in-person cadre meetings for teachers enrolled in Scholastic U online courses.