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Do you have 5 minutes, 2 hours, or more time for in-depth study? Scholastic knows how busy educators are…and we respect the demands on their time. Scholastic U helps teachers meet the time constraints they face every day. Just-in-time resources and support are just a click away!


Scholastic U’s Just-In-Time Learning library offers thousands of practical resources for immediate application in the classroom.

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Do you have an hour a week to earn graduate credit? Scholastic U offers over 20 graduate-level courses focusing on best practices in literacy, assessment, and instructional excellence. Teachers enrolled in Scholastic U online courses can earn graduate credit from Scholastic’s university partners.

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Graduate Credit Partners

Alaska Pacific University Chapman University University of San Diego

Expand your professional network! Scholastic U enables teachers to collaborate, learn from, and share successes with peers at school, in the district, or around the country.