After School Reading Club

Hook readers with engaging books that promote literacy success! Scholastic’s After School Reading Club is specifically designed to motivate your students to read and discuss books that target their interests. You’ll get 10-packs of single titles for individual, group, and shared reading. Plus, additional teaching resources like extension activities and vocabulary skill-builders help to bring literacy success to after school programs.


Grades K-2:
A Bad Case of Stripes By David Shannon

Camilla wants so badly to fit in that she’s changing colors! Her classmates call them out and her skin morphs from stripes to polka dots to the American flag. Her story even makes the evening news. But when an old lady appears with a handful of lima beans (Camilla secretly likes them), the young girl is cured – and your child learns that it’s okay to be yourself.

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Grades 3-5:
Chocolate Fever By Robert Kimmel Smith

Henry Green is a boy who loves chocolate. He likes all kinds of it and eats it morning, noon, and night! One day, Henry finds that strange things are happening to him and he makes medical history with the only case of Chocolate Fever ever!

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Grades 6-8:
The Young Man and the Sea By Rodman Philbrick

Skiff Beaman is twelve years old, his mom just died, and his fisherman dad is too depressed to drag himself off the couch and go to work. So these days Skiff has to take care of everything himself and must try to catch the monster fish of the sea – the bluefin tuna.

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