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Marķa Elena Argüelles, Ph.D. Marķa Elena Argüelles, Ph.D.
Educational Consultant

Marķa Elena Argüelles, Ph.D., is an educational consultant who provides support to states, districts, and schools in their implementation of Reading First. Dr. Argüelles is a member of the Governor's Secondary Reading Advisory Panel and a board member of the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence-Special Education Standards. Dr. Argüelles was a member of the national expert review panel for Reading First and has worked as a Technical Assistance Provider for the Central Reading First Regional Technical Assistance Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Argüelles is the co-author of several publications and a consultant to publishers developing programs for struggling readers and English language learners. In addition, she has teaching experience at the public school level as well as at the undergraduate and graduate level. Her primary areas of interest are early reading instruction, students with reading difficulties, and reading instruction for English language learners.

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