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Kevin Feldman, Ed.D. Kevin Feldman, Ed.D.
Director of Reading and Early Intervention, Sonoma County Office of Education

Kevin Feldman is the Director of Reading and Early Intervention with the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE). His career in education spans thirty-six years. As the Director of Reading and Early Intervention for SCOE, he develops, organizes, and monitors programs related to K–12 literacy and prevention of reading difficulties. He also serves as a Leadership Team Consultant to the California Reading and Literature Project, and assists in the development and implementation of PreK–12 programs throughout California and across the nation. To learn more about Dr. Feldman's work, please visit the SCOE Web site ( and click on “The Reading Corner.”

Dr. Feldman's primary focus is on literacy. His major contributions are in the areas of assisting struggling readers, preventing reading failure, linking assessment to instruction, developing schoolwide reading support models, differentiating instruction to meet the full range of learners, and accommodating and accelerating ELL/Special Education and other high-risk students. Dr. Feldman serves as a consultant to the California Reading & Literature Project, PreK–12; CalSTAT Statewide Special Education Reform Project, and a number of publishers and literacy organizations.

Dr. Feldman is a frequent speaker throughout California and across the country. He has contributed a number of articles to professional journals and developed several reports for task forces and initiatives. He recently coauthored the “California Special Education Reading Task Force Report.” Dr. Feldman has taught for 19 years at the university level in Special Education and master's level programs for University of California–Riverside and Sonoma State University.

Dr. Feldman earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Washington State University and has a Master's Degree from UC Riverside in Special Education, Learning Disabilities, and Instructional Design. He has an Ed.D. from the University of San Francisco in Curriculum and Instruction. When not working with educators, Dr. Feldman enjoys outdoor adventuring, music, and chasing after his sixteen-year-old son and twelve-year-old daughter.

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