Developing Essential Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills
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Develop Essential Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills

Authored by Susan B. Neuman, Ed. D., along with Program Advisor Nell K. Duke, Ed. D., Book Time develops essential vocabulary and comprehension skills through the power of books. Book Time includes a collection of carefully selected titles that represent multiple genres and a curriculum that engages children in the critical skills necessary for learning to read.

Book Time"Storybook reading is the single best activity for developing language, vocabulary, and comprehension - key skills for success in reading!"
English-Spanish PLUS version available!


What Book Time Teaches:

Oral Language/Vocabulary:

Book Time utilizes interactive read-alouds to excite and engage early learners to promote vocabulary and oral language skills necessary to become successful readers!


Using easy to follow lesson plans, Book Time helps teachers build understanding of text by exploring ideas and make connections to their own experiences.

Content Knowledge:

The combination of Fiction and Nonfiction text exposes students to informational text, which provides real-world knowledge and a context to use their expanding vocabulary.

Print Awareness:

With vivid illustrations as well as well-written, age appropriate text, each title selected for Book Time captivates young learners to begin exploring books!
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