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Scholastic Choices
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Scholastic Choices
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Teach Family and Consumer Sciences and Health in your grade 7–12 classes with Scholastic Choices.


Editorial Calendar

Skills Development

2007–2008 Editorial Calendar Highlights

Family: I'm raising my brother by myself          
Substance Abuse: Internet drug trade
Health: Are you overscheduled?         
Personal Responsibility:Teens & driving       
Nutrition: Caffeine
Recipe 101: Healthy Breakfast
Your Body & Mind: Sleep & Teens
Teens at Work: Musician
Dollars & Sense: Saving Money

Family: Is this home childproof?          
Substance Abuse:Smoking killed my mom     
Health: NFL star fights diabetes          
Personal Responsibility: High school dropout           
Nutrition:French fries
Recipe 101: Super Soup
Your Body & Mind: Headaches
Teens at Work: Baby-sitter
Dollars & Sense:

Family: First in my family to go to college        
Substance Abuse: Alcohol & teens    
Personal Responsibility:Being responsible in a relationship    
Nutrition: Bottled water
Recipe 101: Holiday feast
Your Body & Mind: Physical exercise
Teens at Work: Tutor
Dollars & Sense: Sales Tax

Family: I gave my baby up for adoption          
Substance Abuse:Over-the-counter drug abuse          
Health: Addicted to online gaming      
Personal Responsibility: Rebellion & the teen years  
Nutrition: Pizza
Recipe 101: Quick & healthy lunch
Your Body & Mind: Acne & teens
Teens at Work: Entrepreneur
Dollars & Sense: Bank Accounts

Family: Sibling rivalry
Substance Abuse:The truth about marijuana   
Health: Anger management     
Personal Responsibility: Charitable causes & teens  
Nutrition: Sports drinks
Recipe 101: Valentine’s treat
Your Body & Mind: Body Odor
Teens at Work: Store employee
Dollars & Sense: Credit card debt

Family: Living with dad           
Substance Abuse: Methamphetamine 
Health: Food safety    
Personal Responsibility:Helping the environment       
Nutrition: Color coding your diet
Recipe 101: Food for outdoors
Your Body & Mind: Allergies
Teens at Work: Life guard
Dollars & Senses: Part-time Work

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