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Election 2008

NEW! Election 2008 Skills Books

Packed with everything your students need to know about the upcoming Presidential election, these easy-to-use workbooks bring the excitement of the election process right into your classroom.
Only $2.99 per student when you order a minimum of 10 copies.

Available Fall 08. Rushed to press immediately after the 2008 conventions.


Capture the excitement of the 2008 Election!

Help your students understand this upcoming national event with our four grade-appropriate, current Election 2008 Skills Books. These workbooks are completely up-to-date with today’s most relevant issues and help students build reading comprehension and critical thinking through interactive activities and skills pages.

Students will gain a clear understanding of:

  • The roles and duties of the President
  • The candidates and their views
  • Voting rights and responsibilities
  • The three branches of government
  • The history of American political parties
  • The Electoral College
  • What happens behind the scenes on the campaign trail

Take advantage of our special low price of only $2.99* per student copy when you order 10 or more Election 2008 Skills Books.

So choose the workbook for the grade you teach:

Grades K–1

  • The President Is Our Leader
  • Here Is the United States of America
  • White House Pets
  • Who Will Be Our Next President?

Grades 2–3

  • Who Can Be President?
  • Meet the Candidates
  • The President Has Many Jobs
  • Get Ready To Vote!

Grades 4–6

  • Seven Presidents Who Changed the World
  • Behind the Scenes of a Campaign
  • The Election Year from Start to Finish
  • What Is the Electoral College

Grades 7–10

  • Life of the Parties
  • The Race to the White House
  • Reaching the Voters
  • The Election Year from Start to Finish

Place your order today!

*Price based on minimum order of 10 workbooks per title. The price per workbook for less than 10 copies is $9.95 each.

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