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Magazines for Elementary
Scholastic News Magazine
Scholastic News Magazine
Grades 1–6

Scholastic News is a kid-focused, curriculum-connected current events newsweekly for elementary students and their teachers. Every issue presents high-interest, late-breaking news in a variety of engaging formats and encourages kids to understand and interpret the world around them.

FREE with your subscription, Scholastic News Interactive complements the printed issues for each grade level. NEW Online resources include complete digital editions, differentiated instruction, videos, vocabulary slide shows, audio read-alouds, and more. These digital teaching tools are perfect for your interactive whiteboard, projector, or classroom computer.

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Storyworks Magazine
Grades 3–6

Storyworks supports a balanced language arts program with an unmatched array of original literature and appealing activities that strengthen essential reading and writing skills. Storyworks introduces students to great authors and illustrators and to exciting literature in a variety of genres, from classic and contemporary to multicultural material.

Scholastic ART
Grades 4–12

Inspire your students with an engaging and balanced art curriculum with Scholastic ART magazine. Each full-color issue delivers art history, profiles of great artists, and hands-on workshop projects. The elementary Teacher’s Edition shows you how to use the magazine with grades 4–6.

DynaMath Magazine
Grades 3–6

Get kids excited about math with DynaMath’s puzzles, games, hands-on activities, and kid-friendly news features not found in any textbook. The high-interest topics in every issue show students how basic math and problem-solving skills apply to their lives. Math in Literature series helps students learn math concepts through language arts.

SuperScience Magazine
Grades 3–6

Kids will discover the wonders of science with the hands-on activities and compelling articles in SuperScience magazine. The easy-to-do, classroom-tested experiments and standards-based lessons in every issue save teachers valuable time and help them meet important curriculum goals. Science Around the World explores science taking place around the globe.

100 Words Kids Need to Read
Grades 1–3

Build reading fluency by helping children master essential high-frequency words. Illustrated volumes include ready-to-use lessons such as fill-in-the-blank stories, “Guess the Word” activities, irregular verb practice, and much more. Usage and context as well as spelling and meaning are covered with practice and repetition to reinforce lessons and support comprehension.

Scholastic Must-Know Math
Grades 1-6

NEW!  Help students build skills with more motivating math activities! Must-Know Math workbooks are filled with activities that are carefully designed to build math skills from addition, subtraction, and measurement to geometry and fractions.  They are perfect for both in-class and at-home practice and get children involved in learning as they master key math concepts.

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers
Grades 1–2

NEW! Build reading skills and teach curriculum-connected science and social studies topics with these engaging books. Each Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers boxed set features full-color photos, captivating text, vocabulary skill-builders, and a complete teaching guide. Two new boxes now available-Sports Talk and American symbols.