The HolocaustIntroduce your students to the voices and faces of history's greatest tragedy.
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The Holocaust Cover

Get the special-edition magazine for grades 6–8 that helps you bring the tough-to-teach issues of discrimination, bigotry, and genocide into focus for students.

The Holocaust is a complete and thoughtful resource for teaching students about one of the most terrible events in history — and about the consequences of hate and bigotry.

Each 24-page magazine includes:
• Stories of real-life survivors, bystanders, collaborators, resisters, and heroes that bring Holocaust events alive for students
• A timeline covering the step-by-step chronology of the Holocaust, with photos from the rise of Hitler to the Nuremberg trials
• Holocaust maps that reveal the history of the tragedy in Europe from 1933 to 1945
• A glossary of terms that decodes the language of the Holocaust
• Writing and discussion exercises to help students analyze and understand Holocaust events — and think about how lessons from the Holocaust apply to their own lives
• A review of other genocides, past and present: Cambodia, Rwanda, and Bosnia
• A read-aloud play about a real teen victim of the Holocaust, plus art and poetry of young inmates from concentration camps
• Teacher's Edition with background information, lesson plans, activities, a list of resources, and critical thinking questions

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