Grades 3–8
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Engage your students with the best books. Explore content-area topics and themes. Excite students in reading and learning. The ReadAbout: Content Area Library reinforces key reading and content-area skills by enhancing knowledge in science, social studies, and life through independent reading.

Two unique libraries engage students in high-interest nonfiction books that focus on topics such as Life in the Everglades, Shocking Discoveries, and Kids Around the World. Each title provides students with further practice in comprehension and strengthens reading strategies taught in ReadAbout.

Each library includes:

  • Engaging Nonfiction Titles
    • Library A: 46 titles; 2 copies each
    • Library B: 40 titles; 2 copies each 
  • Professional Guide
  • Teacher Resource CD

Two libraries available!

fanA    fanB
Library A (Grades 3–5)
Library B (Grades 6–8)

Title Lists
Library A (PDF)
Library B (PDF)

Extend Instruction!
ReadAbout: Content Area Library can be used on its own or in tandem with Scholastic’s ReadAbout, reading program.

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