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Fact Room Fact Room

The Scholastic Fact Room is filled with over 2,400 books in more than 20 nonfiction and informational text genres! Meet and exceed the demands of the CCSS with a broad range of text across content areas, easy implementation strategy suggestions, and reading activities for every area of the classroom!

Guided Reading Guided Reading

Motivate ALL of your students with an enormous range of outstanding leveled books from Scholastic Guided Reading Programs! Every title is supported with effective teaching strategies to help all children become independent readers who love to read. You can tailor your instruction to meet a variety of interests, while building the comprehension skills and confidence students need to read independently. Plus, we've got great new titles and teaching resources in the NEW Guided Reading Fiction Focus, 2nd Edition to support every classroom.

Investigators Investigators

INVESTIGATORS is a series of nonfiction books, interactive whiteboard technology, and instructional materials that are designed to work in a 21st Century classroom. Your students learn through narrative nonfiction and interactive activities that empower them to think like scientists.

Ready to Go Classroom Libraries Ready to Go Classroom Libraries

Ready-To-Go is our top selling library year after year, and is the ultimate foundation for every classroom library. These collections are selected by experienced educational professionals, and develop vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Each 100-book collection offers 85 individual titles, plus three award winning titles (5 copies each) - perfect for shared reading and small groups.

Real Real

Scholastic R.E.A.L. is a new program devoted to giving school districts the tools needed to recruit, encourage and equip mentors to inspire students and build literacy skills.

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