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Navigating solutions to the nine most common classroom library gaps is easy. We know the demands of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) can be a source of ongoing pressure, and we want to help. Regardless of the kind of program you’ve implemented, Scholastic Classroom Books has materials that are sure to meet your specific needs.  We can help you meet Access to Print requirements and fulfill your AYP and program goals. Our products meet the most pressing needs in classrooms today.  Click on the tabs below to find products to fill the most common gaps found in today’s classroom libraries.
About the Content Area Gap

Paperbacks for Independent Reading Practice and Motivation
If you use Accelerated Reader® in your classroom, then these 50-book collections are the perfect addition to your classroom library. Customize the reading experiences for all students by providing engaging literature with these grade-level appropriate collections. Each grade-level collection includes a comprehensive title list with useful information such as the Accelerated Reader® Level, AR Points, and Accelerated Reader® Quiz number.

Brain Bank Brain Bank

Brain Bank, an independent reading program for Grades K–5, opens the vault to vocabulary, critical thinking, and content areas skills. These enticing science and social studies titles motivate students to read and ensure future success.

Brainstorm Brainstorm

Scholastic BrainStorm™ provides literacy volunteers and reading mentors with materials to develop children's reading skills through high-interest topics – encouraging active engagement and fostering a lifelong love of reading.

Buzz About IT! Buzz About IT!

Scholastic Informational Text Programs meet the demands of the modern classroom with materials designed to help students build strong content knowledge, read closely and analytically, and comprehend increasingly complex text.

Comprehension Clubs Comprehension Clubs

Save 15% When you buy any two grade level sets! (Everyday Literacy, Guided Reading Programs or Comprehensions Clubs)
Authored by Fountas & Pinnell, this breakthrough full-year curriculum gives students and teachers the opportunity to talk, think, and write about text sets through Student Book Clubs and Interactive Read Alouds. (Offer valid through 8/31/2017.)

Core Knowledge Libraries Core Knowledge Libraries

Scholastic's Core Knowledge Libraries take students beyond functional literacy and provide students with a foundation in cultural literacy. Each library includes history, geography, math, science, language arts, visual arts, and music titles.

Engagement Continuum Engagement Continuum

Engage readers and improve achievement!
with Scholastic’s three literary fiction and
nonfiction programs.

Everyday Literacy Everyday Literacy

Scholastic Informational Text Programs meet the demands of the modern classroom with materials designed to help students build strong content knowledge, read closely and analytically, and comprehend increasingly complex text.

Guided Reading Content Areas, 2nd Edition Guided Reading Content Areas, 2nd Edition

SAVE 10% Guided Reading Individual, Grade Level, & Complete Sets!<\b>
Propel Students Towards College & Career Success! SAVE 10% Guided Reading Individual, Grade Level, & Complete Sets! (Offer valid through 8/31/2017.)

Guided Reading en Español Guided Reading en Español

Save 10% Off Guided Reading Individual, Grade Level & Complete Sets
Research has proven that children with strong literacy skills in their first language are more readily able to acquire literacy skills in a second language. Guided Reading en español engages students in reading with carefully leveled literature in Spanish. Easy-to-follow teaching materials help you build students' language proficiency in Spanish and helps them make an easier transition into English. (Offer valid through 8/31/2017.)

Guided Reading Fiction Focus, 2nd Edition Guided Reading Fiction Focus, 2nd Edition

Guided Reading Text Types Program Guided Reading Text Types Program

SAVE 10% Guided Reading Individual, Grade Level, & Complete Sets!
(Offer valid through 8/31/2017.)

Guided Reading Toolkit Guided Reading Toolkit

New from Scholastic, the Guided Reading Toolkit supports K-6 teachers and provides key instructional tactics for those using the guided reading method in ELA Common Core classrooms.

Hunter Serravallo & Robb Serravallo Independent Reading Toolkit Hunter Serravallo & Robb Serravallo Independent Reading Toolkit

The classroom plays an essential role in the development of students’ personal reading lives and their ability to read and write.
Research shows that providing time for independent reading increases students’ reading skills.
Now teachers in Grades 3-5 can provide a sturdy foundation in reading skills while at the same time get the essential data
they need to help students conquer increasing complex text. Hunter/Serravallo Independent Reading Toolkit is a must have in every classroom.


All adolescents struggle to define themselves as they question the world and their place in it. In the ID program, students use 16 reading and writing workshops to discover their identities and mark their place in the world with their own voices.

Independent Reading Assessment Independent Reading Assessment

Take an additional 35% off!
Independent Reading Assessment assesses what students can do independently to inform all areas of your instruction!
(Offer valid through 8/31/2017.)

Laura Robb Classroom Libraries Laura Robb Classroom Libraries

The Laura Robb Classroom Libraries have diverse genres and develop students’ personal reading lives by motivating all readers to engage with text. Having texts in the classroom that students enjoy reading provides essential skill reinforcement and fosters a lifelong love of reading.

Lexile-Leveled Collections Lexile-Leveled Collections

Rejuvenate and grow your classroom library with Lexile Band collections—the perfect way to ensure your classroom reflects the recommended Lexile bands for each grade to meet the demands of College and Career readiness.

Literacy Plus Literacy Plus

Literacy Fun Packs Express (each fun pack express contains 5 copies of title and printed lesson plan) perfect for after school or out-of-school time. The lessons are simple to implement and require little to no preparation time. Perfect for small group read-alouds and aligned to Common Core State Standards, our Literacy Fun Packs Express provide discussion questions, reading tips, and a variety of hands-on activities to promote additional student inquiry.

My Books Summer My Books Summer

Stop the Summer Slide
Having access to books over the summer months reinforces good learning habits and is critical to maintaining a child's achievement level. My Books Summer offers students fiction and nonfiction titles, Common Core-aligned Think Sheets to reinforce key learning skills, and Summer Journals with writing prompts to keep kids reading, writing, and talking about books all summer long.

Nell Duke's Information in Action Nell Duke's Information in Action

Save 15% Off List Price!
Develop powerful readers and writers of informational text with project-based instruction.
(Offer valid through 8/31/2017.)

NEW for Middle School! Code X Supplemental Collections NEW for Middle School! Code X Supplemental Collections

Promote middle school success, and support the Code X program’s themes and levels with collections for independent reading and Literature Circles.
Grades 6-8
Each grade level edition of Code X offers a full year of instruction designed around seven Units. Code X is designed to develop each student’s capacity to read and comprehend complex texts independently and proficiently. Readers must sustain a volume of engaged reading of quality text to build stamina. These supplemental collections of authentic trade books support novel studies, Literature Circles, and accountable independent reading.

New Teacher Collections New Teacher Collections

Created specifically for new teachers!
This collection is an invaluable resource for anyone building a classroom library from the ground up—all at unbeatable savings. The collection is accompanied by the book Learning to Teach...Not Just for Beginners (325 pages!), plus a grade-specific Literature Guide featuring teaching activities and reproducibles for many of the books in the collection.

New! Scholastic Reading Counts Independent Reading Collections New! Scholastic Reading Counts Independent Reading Collections

The Scholastic Reading Counts! Independent Reading Library will help to motivate students with reading choices that match their interests and reading levels. This rich selection of titles will strengthen comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills.

Next Step Guided Reading Assessment Next Step Guided Reading Assessment

Next Step Guided Reading Assessment guides teachers to make data-driven instructional decisions that harness the power of guided reading to move students toward increasingly complex texts.

On the Record On the Record

On the Record™ deeply engages students as they improve skills in reading, writing, comprehension and critical thinking, while putting their own voices on the record.

Paired Fiction & Nonfiction Paired Fiction & Nonfiction

Reading expert, Deanne Camp, shows how matching two high-interest books-one fiction and one nonfiction-on the same topic can boost students' engagement and comprehension in any subject area.

Phyllis C. Hunter Libraries Phyllis C. Hunter Libraries

Build avid readers with the NEW Phyllis C. Hunter Classroom Libraries: 2nd Edition. Drawing on over 20 years of experience and expertise, Phyllis C. Hunter has hand-selected books for students of all backgrounds and reading ability, sparking a passion for the world of books and the possibilities they bring.


QAR, Question Answer Relationships, is a powerful, research-based approach for improving reading comprehension that has been helping students become better readers for more than 20 years. Now, QAR's creator, Taffy Raphael and coauthors Kathy Au and Kathy Highfield, have written a comprehensive guide that reflects on two decades of classroom application and expands on the original thinking behind QAR.

Ready to Go 2 Ready to Go 2

Expand an existing classroom library or start a new one, with our NEW Ready-To-Go 2 Classroom Libraries.
Each 25-book collection is available in three options per grade: Nonfiction, Favorites, and Independent Reading. Each option provides 20 individual titles, plus one award-winning title (5 copies) and an activity sheet, for a combined total of 75 books per grade.

Ready-To-Go Classroom Libraries Ready-To-Go Classroom Libraries

Build your classroom library from the ground up with outstanding fiction and nonfiction trade books that provide variety and engagement to meet your students' needs and interests.

Scholastic R.E.A.L. Scholastic R.E.A.L.

Scholastic R.E.A.L. is a new program devoted to giving school districts the tools needed to recruit, encourage and equip mentors to inspire students and build literacy skills.

Scholastic Writeboard Scholastic Writeboard

WriteBoard allows teachers to model the writing process to the whole class using trait-specific tools. This program provides a cutting-edge platform for teachers to model the writing process—pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing. It can be used by K-8 teachers for whole-class, small-group, or one-on-one instruction.

The Complete Common Core Suite of Collections: (1) CCSS ELA, (2) CCSS Math, (3) CCSS Exemplar, (4)Text Sets, and (5)Listening Libraries The Complete Common Core Suite of Collections: (1) CCSS ELA, (2) CCSS Math, (3) CCSS Exemplar, (4)Text Sets, and (5)Listening Libraries

The Complete Common Core Suite of Collections connect independent reading to the Common Core State Standards for ELA (K–8) with rich selections of fiction and nonfiction.

Tim Rasinsky's Fabulously Famous Books Tim Rasinsky's Fabulously Famous Books

As the title suggests, these books are both fabulous and famous, and use speeches, journals, letters, poetry and other formats to improve fluency. These are books students love to read, love to hear, and even love to act out. Each title is connected to a specific strategy for building fluency, with information on how to use reading aloud, paired reading, recorded materials, radio reading, and even mumble reading!

Trait Tracker Trait Tracker

Trait Tracker helps target instruction by revealing the strengths and weaknesses of individual students trait by trait, enabling teachers to bring out the best in their instruction by guiding them in areas where they need help the most.

Traits Writing Traits Writing

Save 10% on any Traits K-8 Grade Level Set!
Inspired by 30 years of research and best practices, Traits Writing is the revolutionary new grade-specific writing program from Ruth Culham.
(Offer valid through 8/31/2017.)

Word Forward Word Forward

Build Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills Word Forward offers teachers a focused and fun way to build vocabulary and comprehension. Based on the research of Dr. Cathy Collins Block and Dr. John Mangieri,
each book has been carefully selected to teach a specific vocabulary learning strategy identified as effective through their research.

Xbooks & Xbooks Summer Xbooks & Xbooks Summer

Providing the best in print and digital nonfiction and instruction, XBOOKS is an engaging ELA program designed to meet CCSS standards.

Content Area Reading

Content-area reading books help build the background knowledge and academic language students need to enhance curriculum-based learning. In most classrooms, however, students’ exposure to content-area reading comes from textbooks that are often challenging to read and out-of-date. Authentic content-area reading books facilitate comprehension and motivate students to read by capitalizing on their interests and whetting their appetites for more information, while also providing in-depth coverage and accurate, up-to-date information. Students learn to read while reading to learn about engaging subjects.