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Navigating solutions to the nine most common classroom library gaps is easy. We know the demands of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) can be a source of ongoing pressure, and we want to help. Regardless of the kind of program you’ve implemented, Scholastic Classroom Books has materials that are sure to meet your specific needs.  We can help you meet Access to Print requirements and fulfill your AYP and program goals. Our products meet the most pressing needs in classrooms today.  Click on the tabs below to find products to fill the most common gaps found in today’s classroom libraries.
About the Content Area Gap
Brain Bank Brain Bank

Grades K-5

Original Books and Independent Reading Activities That Bring Science and Social Studies to Life! Brain Bank, an independent reading program for Grades K-5, opens the vault to vocabulary, critical thinking, and content areas skills. These enticing science and social studies titles motivate students to read and ensure future success.

Brain Bank Guided Reading Brain Bank Guided Reading

Grades 2-5
Brain Bank Guided Reading supports content-area curriculum with social studies and science books, and supplements Guided Reading instruction with teaching materials for each title.

Core Knowledge Classroom Libraries Core Knowledge Classroom Libraries

Grade PreK-8
The natural curiosity of all children is nurtured and respected through this powerful selection of titles in the areas of geography, world history, math, visual arts, music, American history, science, and language arts.

Everyday Literacy Everyday Literacy

Everyday Literacy is a game-changing program that uses simulated, real-world texts like restaurant menus, maps, ads, game directions, and web pages to take reading from the theoretical to the practical.

When students connect the dots to everyday life, their interest increases—and so does their reading success.

Fountas & Pinnell Super Reading Block Kit Fountas & Pinnell Super Reading Block Kit

Grades K-6
Authored by Fountas & Pinnell, Guided Reading Text Types and Everyday Literacy grade-level kits each include everything you need for the best in small group and whole class instruction. Both of these great products are now packaged together, offering the best value for covering a wide range of instructional needs.

Guided Reading Guided Reading

Grades K-6
Motivate ALL of your students with an enormous range of outstanding leveled books! Every title is supported with effective teaching strategies to help all children become independent readers who love to read.

Guided Reading Content Areas Program Guided Reading Content Areas Program

Save 10% off any Text Types, Fiction, Content Areas, and en espanol Guided Reading Grade Level Set!*
Enhance students' knowledge in Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics and build reading skills! Fill your guided reading sessions with rich content while you develop essential vocabulary, build background knowledge, and develop strategic reading skills.
*Offer valid through 8/31/2014.

Guided Reading Text Types Program Guided Reading Text Types Program

Grades K-6
Guided Reading Text Types is where genre meets format in a variety of authentic texts, and where students can discover their favorite literature.

Investigators Investigators

SAVE 10%!*
Grades K-5
The Investigators series is a unique set of science readers and inquiry-based instruction for the 21st Century classroom that features interactive whiteboard technology for grade K-5.
*Offer valid through 8/31/2013.

Laura Robb Classroom Libraries Laura Robb Classroom Libraries

Grades 3-9
Offer students a mix of true-life, recreational fun, cliffhangers, and inspirational tales that meet their developmental needs, provide reading practice, and encourage partner reading so students can construct new meanings and explore ideas.

Leveled Math Readers Leveled Math Readers

Grades K-2
Leveled Math Readers are designed to help children experience engaging stories and nonfiction that spark their imaginations. Students build essential vocabulary and concepts that relate to problem solving and mathematical thinking, while engaging in discussion to enhance comprehension as well as speaking and listening skills.

Lexile Leveled Content Area Libraries Lexile Leveled Content Area Libraries

Grades K-8
Expand content area knowledge and vocabulary with new leveled collections! Organized by Lexile level, each of these 20-book collections builds on the success of our popular Lexile Leveled Libraries with age-appropriate content area trade books that students at different reading levels can read successfully and enjoy.

Middle School Classroom Collections Middle School Classroom Collections

Grades 6-9
Choose from four great collections!

  • Nonfiction Libraries
  • Favorite Authors
  • Treasury of Books
  • Award Winners

  • Nonfiction Collections Nonfiction Collections

    Grades K-8
    Compelling nonfiction that will keep kids reading for fun! Over a dozen bestselling collections on sale!

    Nonfiction, STEM, & Informational Text Collections Nonfiction, STEM, & Informational Text Collections

    Do your students need more nonfiction and informational text for independent reading? Are your students excited about reading nonfiction text? Educators agree that reading nonfiction is essential for reading achievement. Now you can share exceptional text with all of your students in grades K-8 and ensure that your classroom library has an extensive range of nonfiction.

    On The Record On The Record

    Grade 8
    The remarkable and harrowing stories in On the Record™ share the achievements of reporters, scientists, writers, athletes, soldiers, and artists, and will encourage students to record their own experiences and voices. Based on Dr. Alfred Tatum’s four social justice platforms and Erin Gruwell’s classroom-tested ELA strategies, On the Record™ speaks to kids about character issues—resiliency, engaging others, building capacity, and defining who they are as individuals.

    Phyllis C. Hunter Classroom Libraries Phyllis C. Hunter Classroom Libraries

    SAVE 15%!*Grades K-9
    Literacy expert Phyllis C. Hunter has hand-picked the award-winning classics, contemporary fiction, and illuminating nonfiction titles in these collections. SAVE 10%!*
    These classroom libraries have a wide range of engaging titles that will captivate students' imaginations and instill a lifetime love of reading while addressing the essential components of reading-phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.
    *Offer valid through 8/31/2014.

    ReadAbout: Content Area Library ReadAbout: Content Area Library

    Grades 3-8
    This collection of popular informational books helps students read nonfiction effectively and independently. Students will learn something new every day with authentic literature, as they extract meaning from carefully leveled science and social studies texts. Each title comes with a detailed comprehension skills teaching card.

    S.T.E.M. Collections S.T.E.M. Collections

    Up to 47% OFF!*
    Grades 1-8
    NEW! S.T.E.M. Collections for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
    Encourage discovery and innovation with rich content area titles! Support the educational needs of tomorrow’s innovators, and integrate important informational text into daily reading practice with these new collections from Scholastic.
    *Offer valid through 08/31/2013.


    Grades 2-7
    Scholastic TRIO is a series of themed reading collections that engage students at three levels of reading ability – Below, On, Above – all in the same content-area topic.

    Word Forward Word Forward

    Grades 3-8
    Word Forward offers teachers a focused and fun way to build vocabulary and comprehension through captivating read aloud literature and research-based strategies.


    Grades 6-7
    Developed by Jeffrey Wilhelm and Laura Robb, XBOOKS is a collection of compelling nonfiction titles—both print and digital—for middle school readers. Ideal for Common Core aligned ELA classrooms, its content relates to exciting science and social studies topics in a complex text continuum.

    Content Area Reading

    Content-area reading books help build the background knowledge and academic language students need to enhance curriculum-based learning. In most classrooms, however, students’ exposure to content-area reading comes from textbooks that are often challenging to read and out-of-date. Authentic content-area reading books facilitate comprehension and motivate students to read by capitalizing on their interests and whetting their appetites for more information, while also providing in-depth coverage and accurate, up-to-date information. Students learn to read while reading to learn about engaging subjects.

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