Scholastic Core Reading Collections
Grades K-6
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Support the themes of popular basal reading programs by stocking your classroom library with these best-selling collections:

  • The Houghton Mifflin Legacy Library
  • The Scott Foresman Reading Library
  • The Open Court Reading Library
  • The Harcourt Trophies Library

Research proves that students need to read beyond the basal reader and now you can provide quality literature and continuity to the themes in each program.
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Core Reading Programs provide a foundation in reading skills. Extend the learning with authentic literature. Each collection:

  • Improves reading comprehension because students are increasing their reading volume.
  • Leads to more voluntary reading because students are selecting books they find interesting.
  • Exposes children to a range of language, genres, and perspectives.

Classics, favorite authors, award-winning titles, and a variety of nonfiction are included in each collection!

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