Avid Reading For Success
in School and Life.

The texts students encounter once they graduate, like leases or tax forms, are often at a surprisingly high Lexile® level. Starting in kindergarten, moving students through increasingly complex texts becomes more effective when they have a variety of engaging books at their levels and interests to choose from.

Research shows that the best readers read the most and the poorest readers read the least.

That’s why Scholastic has created D3 Libraries. We work directly with districts to create custom, data-driven libraries for every classroom, personalizing the selection of books to every student.

It's not a one-size-fits all approach.
It's a one-size-fits each student approach.

We tailor reading choices to each classroom by considering multiple factors
and datapoints to create a diverse, high-interest library.

D3 Libraries are:

  • Data-driven, curated classroom libraries of independent reading texts.
  • Scholastic's best books across multiple genres and text types.
  • Personalized reading trajectories for every student.

D3 Libraries are customized based on:

  • Lexile®, Guided Reading, or DRA Level
  • Existing inventory and curriculum framework
  • Student populations and interests

How D3 Libraries Work.

D3 Libraries offer Scholastic services to create libraries tailored to your district. We are with you every step of the way.

Here's how D3 works:


The first step is assessing every student to identify their specific needs. Using student Lexile®, DRA, or Guided Reading leveling information, we analyze the data and the unique needs of your district to curate dynamic classroom libraries.

Evaluate Current Classroom Libraries

Choose genres, titles, and text types that fit your district’s needs and academic framework. Then use the free Book Wizard app or Evaluation Protocol to conduct an inventory check and ensure minimal title overlap.

Built and Customized for Your Classroom

Unpack your customized D3 Libraries that include instructional resources, and add Scholastic bins, shelving, and labels to meet your classroom library needs.

Engage in Professional Learning

Empower and inspire teachers with powerful professional learning that incorporate years of best practices for independent reading into every classroom. These multifaceted programs equip teachers with indispensable skills to build confident and avid readers.

Track Student Progress and
Refresh D3 Libraries Every Year!

Track progress with TrackIt!

As students read throughout the year they can track their own reading progress as they record every minute they spend reading. Teacher, administrators, and parent can monitor students’ time on task.

Refresh D3 Libraries every year!

D3 Libraries can be refreshed as students matriculate. We can also provide the best books to accelerate their reading trajectory, and prevent the summer slump with Take Home Books and MyBooks Summer.

We're Ready To Help You!

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