Need-to-know Science Information in a Complex Text Continuum.

Now for grades k-5

Build problem-solving skills and support literacy with a combination of science readers, interactive whiteboard technology, and engaging, cross-curricular activities.

Download the Next Generation Science Standards Aligment here!


Students explore complex informational text, develop 21st Century problem-solving skills, and stimulate their interest in science—all in one program. INVESTIGATORS is a series of nonfiction books, interactive whiteboard technology, and instructional materials that are designed to work in a 21st Century classroom. Your students learn through narrative nonfiction and interactive activities that empower them to think like scientists.


Each theme unit starts with an exciting anchor big book and/or interactive whiteboard CD-ROM to frontload the key science concepts and vocabulary.

The Complex Text Overview details how to use Investigators to support reading practices with progressive complex text.

Individual titles help deepen children's understanding of key topics with inquiry-based activities before, during, and after the reading. Each book contains cross-curricular activities with a focus on math—helping children to think like a scientist.

Cross-curricular center activities encourage students to dive deeper into each topic. Additional thinking activities encourage children to challenge themselves and their fellow students.

Each title has a teaching card featuring out-of-classroom activities to extend the instruction to the library and the home. Extra activities encourage students to take classroom learning and apply it to additional investigation and problem-solving skills.


What ages can benefit from INVESTIGATORS?

INVESTIGATORS is specially designed for children in Grades K–5.

What skills does INVESTIGATORS support?

INVESTIGATORS supports four types of learning and skills development. Students can:

  • Build vocabulary
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Hone 21st Century learning skills
  • Gain the foundation for NAEP testing

Is INVESTIGATORS only intended for classroom use?

Every INVESTIGATORS teaching card features extended activities designed for practice outside the classroom. These include library activities and take-home research.

What comes in each INVESTIGATORS theme unit?

For one price, each theme unit comes with all the books, activity cards, and teaching support you need, including:

  • A 6-page INVESTIGATORS overview booklet
  • A 6-page complex text overview
  • 180 individual books (6 titles, 30 copies each)
  • 1 big book
  • 1 interactive whiteboard CD-ROM
  • 6 classroom posters
  • 6 teaching cards
  • 6 activity cards

How does Investigators incorporate complex text?

While all students will find the Investigators main text copy accessible and developmentally appropriate, each title also contains complex informational text and higher-level vocabulary in the opening and closing pages, sidebars, captions, labels, keys and charts, and additional informational text features.

What are the 12 different science themes?

Life Cycles (Grade K)

Title List:

Animals Grow Up; Crawl and Fly; Flap and Sing; Hop and Bounce; Jump and Croak; Swim and Snap

Materials (Grade K)

Title List:

What's It Like?; Melt It, Shape It; Use It, Reuse It; Chop It, Carve It; Rip It, Tear It; Bend It, Stretch It

Toys (Grade 1)

Title List:

Toy Time; Lift and Shift; Zip and Zoom; Glide and Slide; Up, Up, and Away; Made to Move

Predators (Grade 1)

Title List:

On the Prowl; Big Cats; Wild Dogs; Mighty Bears; Birds of Prey; Snakes

Survival (Grade 2)

Title List:

Adapt or Die; Tricks and Traps; Harsh Homes; Safety in Numbers; Animal Armor; Gross Defenses

Transportation (Grade 2)

Title List:

On the Move; Stepping Out; On a Roll; Port to Port; Flying High; Blasting Off

The Sky (Grade 3)

Title List:

What's Up?; Moon Power; Super Stars; Planet Safari; Cloud Cover; Sky Signals

Light (Grade 3)

Title List:

Rays of Light; Eye to Eye; Glow in the Dark; Shadows on Show; Bold and Bright; Bouncing Light

Sound (Grade 4)

Title List:

Sounds All Around; Catch the Waves; Hear This!; Hoot and Holler!; Music to the Ears; Wired for Sound

Ecology (Grade 4)

Title List:

Living Together; Wild Wetlands; Desert Dwellers; Out of the Woods; Grassland Greats; From City to Sea

Forces (Grade 5)

Title List:

Forces in Action; Down to Earth; Grip, Slip, Slide; Machines on the Move; North and South; Spring Into Action

Architecture (Grade 5)

Title List:

Built for a Purpose; From Mud to Marble; Get Over It, Tower Power; High and Mighty; Building a Future
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