The Laura Robb Classroom Library

The Laura Robb Classroom Library:

  • Includes a rich array of nonfiction and fiction texts designed to help students grow as independent readers as they read increasingly complex texts
  • Helps teachers develop the listening and speaking skills students need to acquire
  • Engages students in paired discussion to learn to be careful listeners and use text details to exchange ideas, to infer, and to improve comprehension
  • Provides a wide range of books that build academic and domain-specific vocabulary

Laura Robb Classroom Libraries feature:

  • 100 books (50 titles; 2 copies of each)
  • Teacher Handbook with reproducible forms, extension activities, and project ideas!
  • NEW! Professional Resource Book by Laura Robb in every library!
    • Grade 3 & 4: Reading Strategies that Work!
    • Grades 5 & 6: Teaching Reading in Middle School, 2nd edition
    • Grades 7 to 9: NEW! Unlocking Complex Texts
Laura Robb

Grade 9 Classroom Library

Using the Library in Your Classroom
Each library includes a handbook, written by Laura Robb, that offers strategies and extension activities for promoting independent reading while meeting language arts standards. Extension activities include:

  • Discussion question cards to stimulate partner book talks.
  • Word webs to guide critical-thinking skills.
  • Double-entry journals that help students organize thoughts.

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Title Lists
NEW! Upper Elementary:
Grade 3 (PDF)
Grade 4 (PDF)
Grade 5 (PDF)
Grade 6 (PDF)
Grade 7 (PDF)
Grade 8 (PDF)
Grade 9 (PDF)
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