Leveled Math Readers

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Reinforce Critical Math Concepts While Building Literacy Skills

Spark Imaginations With
Mathematical Thinking

Leveled Math Readers are designed to help children experience engaging stories and nonfiction that spark their imaginations.

Students will build essential vocabulary and concepts that relate to problem solving and mathematical thinking, while engaging in discussion to enhance comprehension as well as speaking and listening skills.

Topics prompt students to analyze patterns within and beyond the books.

Leveled Math Readers are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for reading in literature, informational text, and foundational skills. 

Students will:

  • Ask and answer questions, retell stories, and identify story elements
  • Develop academic and domain-specific vocabulary
  • Engage with eBooks that highlight key vocabulary and support the development of fundamental math concepts
common core View the ELA alignments for grades K-5. > Leveled Math Readers are also aligned to the CCSS for Math!
View the math alignments for grades K-5. >
  • What Guided Reading levels are included in Leveled Math Readers?

    • Grade K includes levels A-D
    • Grade 5 includes levels Q-W
    • Grade 1 includes levels A-I
    • Grade K-2 Complete Set includes levels A-M
    • Grade 2 includes levels E-M
    • Grade 3-5 Complete Set includes levels L-W
    • Grade 3 includes levels L-Q
    • Grades K-5 Complete Set includes levels A-W
    • Grade 4 includes levels M-T
  • Which math concepts do Leveled Math Readers address?

    • Counting and Numbers
    • Geometry and Shapes
    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Patterns
    • Time
    • Algebraic Thinking
    • Measurement
    • Multiplication Foundation
  • What comes in each Leveled Math Readers Grade Set?

    • 6 copies of each Leveled Book
    • Interactive Whiteboard CD eBook
      for EVERY title
    • One 128-page Teaching Guide
      for Grades K-2 or 3-5
  • What does the eBook allow teachers and students to do?

    • Click on the audio option to hear the text spoken out loud
    • Highlight words and draw on the digital version of the text
    • Type on the notepad with students' own ideas and comments
    • Print lesson plans and activity sheets
  • What does the Teaching Guide provide?

    • Lesson Plans for each title
    • Ideas for introducing and discussing the books
    • Hands-on activities and writing exercises to reinforce learning
    • Reproducible activity sheets for the classroom