Lexile® Leveled Libraries
Match your students to great books at their
appropriate reading level!
Grades K–8

Best-selling 20-book Lexile Leveled Libraries I, the NEW Lexile Leveled Libraries II, and NEW Lexile Leveled Content Area Libraries expand your classroom collections with great books that students at different reading levels can read successfully and enjoy. Each library features fiction and nonfiction trade book titles. Provide your students with access to print and foster a love of reading!

Lexile Leveled Libraries bring to your classroom:

  • Research-based libraries specifically designed to raise students to their appropriate reading level.
  • Fiction and nonfiction trade book titles that improve reading and promote academic growth.

Scholastic Reading Inventory & Scholastic Reading Counts! quizzes are available for these titles!

Interested in titles from all three libraries? Order 60-book Lexile Packs with titles from Lexile Leveled Libraries I, II, and Content Areas, and receive a FREE 15-book pack-a $70 Value!!

Each Lexile Pack contains:
  • 20 titles from Scholastic Lexile Leveled Libraries I
  • 20 titles from the NEW Scholastic Lexile Leveled Libraries II
  • 20 titles from the NEW Scholastic Lexile Leveled Content Area Libraries
  • 20 titles from the NEW Scholastic Lexile Leveled Content Area Libraries
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Lexile Packs are available for the following grade levels:
  • Kindergarten Lexile Pack: Lexiles 100-299
  • Grade 1 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 200-500
  • Grade 2 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 300-500
  • Grade 3 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 400-700
  • Grade 4 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 400-799
  • Grade 5 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 500-900
  • Grade 6 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 600-900
  • Grade 7 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 600-1000
  • Grade 8 Lexile Pack: Lexiles 700-1200
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