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Navigating solutions to the nine most common classroom library gaps is easy. We know the demands of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) can be a source of ongoing pressure, and we want to help. Regardless of the kind of program you’ve implemented, Scholastic Classroom Books has materials that are sure to meet your specific needs.  We can help you meet Access to Print requirements and fulfill your AYP and program goals. Our products meet the most pressing needs in classrooms today.  Click on the tabs below to find products to fill the most common gaps found in today’s classroom libraries.
About the ELL Gap
ID voice:vision:identity ID voice:vision:identity

Grades 9-12
ID voice:vision:identity is a high school writing program that targets all students, especially those who may have simply stopped reading, stopped writing, and tragically stopped engaging with text.

Middle School Classroom Collections Middle School Classroom Collections

Grades 6-9
Choose from four great collections!

  • Nonfiction Libraries
  • Favorite Authors
  • Treasury of Books
  • Award Winners

  • Multicultural Collections Multicultural Collections

    Grades K-9
    Celebrate America's rich cultural heritage with MULTICULTURAL COLLECTIONS. See our wide selection of titles from communities around the country. Twelve collections on sale!

    New Connections to English New Connections to English

    Grades K-8
    These K-8 libraries feature carefully selected children's literature to provide English Language Learners with access to academic language and the opportunity to build background knowledge. Students can move through three early proficiency levels, increasing language and literacy at each level.

    On The Record On The Record

    Grade 8
    The remarkable and harrowing stories in On the Record™ share the achievements of reporters, scientists, writers, athletes, soldiers, and artists, and will encourage students to record their own experiences and voices. Based on Dr. Alfred Tatum’s four social justice platforms and Erin Gruwell’s classroom-tested ELA strategies, On the Record™ speaks to kids about character issues—resiliency, engaging others, building capacity, and defining who they are as individuals.

    Phyllis C. Hunter Classroom Libraries Phyllis C. Hunter Classroom Libraries

    SAVE 15%!*Grades K-9
    Literacy expert Phyllis C. Hunter has hand-picked the award-winning classics, contemporary fiction, and illuminating nonfiction titles in these collections. SAVE 10%!*
    These classroom libraries have a wide range of engaging titles that will captivate students' imaginations and instill a lifetime love of reading while addressing the essential components of reading-phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.
    *Offer valid through 8/31/2014.

    Scholastic R.E.A.L. Scholastic R.E.A.L.

    Grades K-7
    Scholastic R.E.A.L. is a new program devoted to giving school districts the tools needed to recruit, encourage and equip mentors to inspire students and build literacy skills.

    Multicultural Gap

    Children from culturally diverse backgrounds have been shown to learn best when the classroom environment is respectful of their linguistic, social, and cultural heritage. Trade books that build on the foundation of knowledge and experience that students bring to the classroom help bridge the gap between home and school and motivate them to read more. Engagement with reading increases when books within a classroom library reflect a student's cultural and world knowledge.

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