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Navigating solutions to the nine most common classroom library gaps is easy. We know the demands of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) can be a source of ongoing pressure, and we want to help. Regardless of the kind of program you’ve implemented, Scholastic Classroom Books has materials that are sure to meet your specific needs.  We can help you meet Access to Print requirements and fulfill your AYP and program goals. Our products meet the most pressing needs in classrooms today.  Click on the tabs below to find products to fill the most common gaps found in today’s classroom libraries.
About the NonFiction Gap
College & Career Readiness Lexile® Band Collections College & Career Readiness Lexile® Band Collections

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Advance reading achievement and expand your classroom library with the recommended Lexile bands for Grades 2-8. There is a 50-book fiction and a 50-book nonfiction collection.
(Offer valid through 5/31/2015.)

New! Teaching Comprehension with Nonfiction Read Alouds Collection New! Teaching Comprehension with Nonfiction Read Alouds Collection

Reading aloud is a useful tool in many classrooms. With Scholastic’s new collection, Teaching Comprehension with Nonfiction Read Alouds, teachers will have a powerful set of read aloud lessons plus authentic literature to teach the essential comprehension skills required for reading nonfiction.

Next Generation Science Standards Collections Next Generation Science Standards Collections

With the recent release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), educators are searching for books that fulfill the three dimensions of the NGSS: Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts. The NGSS are derived from an evidence-based foundation of research, and focus on scientific practice as well as on content. Each of the exciting grade-level collections for Gr. K-5 includes 50 books, 1 copy of each title. The Collection for Gr. 6-8 contains 60 books, 1 copy of each title. A title list that identifies the Next Generation Science Standard for each title is included with every collection.

Scholastic Text Sets Scholastic Text Sets

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Build proficient readers of informational text. Each collection offers an anchor text, read aloud, and books for independent reading, all on a single science or social studies topic. Includes teacher support on conducting a close reading of a text. Each collection has 55 books.
(Offer valid through 5/31/2015.)

Nonfiction Classroom Books

State standards increasingly expect students to be able to read, write, and learn from nonfiction books and current estimates show that fifty percent to eighty percent of the reading passages in standardized tests are nonfiction. A lack of nonfiction is the most common deficit in classroom libraries. They should consist of forty to sixty percent nonfiction books, including a variety of genres such as biographies and autobiographies, history, reference and informational texts, that will give students the experience they need to succeed in an information age.

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