THE 10: Teachers' Choice Award Winner
Grades 6-9

Countdown to Reading and Content-Area Success

Based on a “Top 10” countdown format, THE 10 develops critical thinking and comprehension skills through engaging and exciting titles that focus on science, social studies, and the arts topics. Through inquiry-based learning, students build comprehension and content-area vocabulary while scientifically, socially, and artistically exploring key content-area concepts and themes.

Aligned to grade level content-area standards, THE 10 is a collection of 100 exciting titles that combine a variety of text features and genres to motivate and educate all students, including striving and reluctant readers.

THE 10:
  • Embeds content-area standards into an exciting and relevant topic.
  • Scaffolds strategies for reading nonfiction.
  • Reinforces comprehension with thought-provoking questions.

Each book centers on one critical question designed to encourage students to think and read for meaning. Edgy visuals support the text and allow students to see and create mental models as they read.

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Teacher Packs include
  • 10 titles (1 copy each)
  • Program Guide
  • Classroom Poster
Classroom Packs include
  • 10 titles (4 copies each)
  • Quick Start Implementation Guide
  • Program Guide
  • Teacher Cards (one per title)
  • Student Cards (one reproducible card per title)
  • Classroom Poster
  • Professional book authored by Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm, Engaging Readers & Writers With Inquiry

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Extend Instruction
Make learning more exciting for students. Engaging Readers & Writers With Inquiry by Jeffery Wilhelm is a Scholastic Professional Book that compliments THE 10 by providing a deeper understanding to inquiry-based learning in language arts and content-area instruction with guiding questions. To see all Scholastic Professional by Jeffery Wilhelm, visit Scholastic Professional.

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Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm