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Interactive Components

XBOOKS uses online and print components in an integrated, interactive program that builds students' proficiency in reading, writing, and thinking critically about informational text.

  • Videos

    Strand Intro Videos: Each strand starts with an Intro Video that introduces ideas and books within the strand.

    Book Preview Videos: The first five pages of a book are brought to life in the Preview Video, which introduces the book’s subject and builds anticipation for what will follow.

  • Assessment Quizzes

    Two 10-question XBOOKS Quizzes are provided for each book. Students may take the second quiz after passing the first. Quizzes are scored automatically.

  • Projects

    Each strand includes four categories of projects:

    • Quick Search: Poses questions about the Lead Book that can be answered with a brief online search
    • Explore: Based on the Lead Book, it invites students to do more extensive research
    • Go Deep: Offers an opportunity for in-depth research on a topic related to the strand
    • Your Own Inquiry: Students design and complete their own research project.
  • Class Chat

    This interactive forum enables students to respond to teachers' prompts and engage in discussion with each other about the material they’ve read.

  • X-Challenge

    Teams of students can wrap up each strand by competing in the X-Challenge, a quiz-show-style activity that tests students' knowledge of the strand.