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Teacher Resouces

  • Strands Book Folder

    This folder contains all of the strand-specific materials you need: the Lead Book Teaching Card, three Reader's Choice Teacher Resource Cards, and the Strand Resource Guide.

  • Lead Book Teaching Card

    The Lead Book Teaching Card provides a plan to teach the Lead Book, and shows when to use the Reader's Guide pages. Also included are sample assignments for In Depth text features and a sampling of the Explorations from the online Lead Book.

  • Reader's Choice Teacher Resource Card

    This card provides teachers with the resources needed to help students as they read the Reader's Choice Books independently or in small groups. It includes text-dependent prompt questions to use for discussion circles, and suggestions for supports, interventions, and text analysis.

  • Strand Resource Guides

    There is a Strand Resource Guide for each of the strands that provides routines and information for teaching and assessing the Stretch Texts. The guide also provides information on Projects and copies of the Peer Conference and Reading Conference: Informational Text forms.

  • Program Guide

    This guide walks teachers through XBOOKS components and features and provides support, including instructional routines and pacing suggestion for using XBOOKS.

  • Implementation Guide

    This online guide provides detailed information about navigation and use of the software for both teachers and students.