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Content-Area Support for READ 180 Students
Help Support Your READ 180 Students in the Content-Area Classroom

Within READ 180 your students feel a great deal of success with the program’s scaffolded instruction, engaging content, and interactive technology. Now your READ 180 students can also experience success in the Science and Social Studies classroom. Expert Space is the new content-area literacy resource that will engage and support your students outside of the READ 180 classroom.

This supplemental, online program builds on the best practices of READ 180 with reading scaffolds and engaging content in an interactive, personal environment. The result: all students can develop content-area knowledge and expertise.

Learn More About How Expert Space Supports READ 180 Students
Expert Space provides educators with everything they need to motivate and support all students in the content-area classroom
  • Anchor videos build background knowledge and help students preview the readings.
  • Leveled articles ensure that students can acquire knowledge and information on an appropriate reading level.
  • Spanish translations support English language learners.
  • Read Aloud tool makes content accessible to all readers.
  • Timelines, graphs, images, and more provide information in multi-media formats for varied learning styles.
  • Key topics in science and social studies help students develop key content-area knowledge.
  • Web links, digital locker, and other 21st century tools engage students with interactive tools and help build an application of 21st century skills students will use in college, career, and life.

This affordable, online resource will ensure your READ 180 students—as well as all the students in your school—can experience success in the content areas.

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