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Math Solutions Consultant
Area Education Agency, Iowa
"During the past year, I watched two groups of fragile 2nd and 3rd grade students become confident, versatile and at times lighthearted math learners. It was an amazing transition and their scores reflected this growth. The teacher that I observed followed the Do The Math program as it was written, the results were impressive."
Math Interventionist
Carlsbad, CA
"Do The Math is a carefully sequenced, conceptually based program that is engaging for students and teachers. Concrete materials, games, children's literature, practice, assessment, and suggestions for vocabulary development, differentiation, and reteaching are all components of the program. This carefully thought-out program has informed and inspired my teaching and my students' learning."
After School Interventionist
Oakland, CA
"With my students who have been in the program since October, I have definitely seen a great improvement in their ability to look at a problem and know what steps they need to take to solve it, whereas before they would look at a problem, say I have no idea, and shut down and give up."
Math Interventionist
Killeen, TX
"I love that Do The Math scaffolds so perfectly. I can constantly see my student's progress as we take each assessment. Tashia, for example, has improved her assessment score. Each and every time we do a lesson she participates and I just see that lightbulb go off in her mind. It is a wonderful feeling!"