Do The Math Now! for Grades 6 and up Addition and Subtraction Multiplication Division Fractions NEW! Do The Math Research Update

Do The Math Modules

Building Fluency with Numbers and Fractions

Do The Math is organized into 13 scaffolded modules that focus on whole numbers and fluency with fractions. Every module includes a series of thirty 30-minute step-by-step lessons. The modular design gives the program the flexibility to span multiple grade levels.

The 13 Do The Math Modules

topbar Do the Math Addition and Subtraction Strand

Number Core, the latest addition to the Addition and Subtraction modules, supports students' success by building the foundations of Numbers and Operations.

Addition With Sums Up To 100Subtraction With Numbers Up To 100Numbers Greater Than 100separatorDo The Math Multiplication StrandBasic ConceptsFacts Through 12x2Factors Greater Than 12separatorDo The Math Division StrandBasic ConceptsFacts Through 10010Dividends To 1,000separatorDo The Math Fractions StrandBasic ConceptsEquivalence And ComparisonAddition And Subtractionbottombar