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Professional Development: Implementing Do The Math

We know that content knowledge and effective instructional strategies are critical for improving student learning. We also know that “one size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to professional development. In order to help schools and districts maximize math achievement, Scholastic and Math Solutions offer school districts different levels of professional development designed to complement Do The Math.

Start-Up Training

Do The Math and Do The Math Now! Implementation Trainings

This full-day training helps teachers get started using the program in their classrooms. Participants learn how to effectively use Do The Math modules or Do The Math Now!, including: navigating program materials, experiencing the pace of a Do The Math module or Do The Math Now! unit with tips for implementing instructional strategies, assessing student progress, and learning how to differentiate instruction.

Job-Embedded Coaching

Do the Math and Do The Math Now! In-Classroom Support

Do The Math and Do The Math Now! In-Classroom Support monthly visits are provided as a follow-up to initial implementation training. Based on teachers' needs identified in an initial visit, services may include: observing and modeling Do The Math or Do The Math Now! lessons to provide feedback and demonstrate best practices and reviewing teaching strategies in selected modules.

Do The Math and Do The Math Now! Foundational Seminars from Math Solutions®

These two-day foundational seminars help teachers gain a deeper understanding of instructional strategies and underlying mathematics content, including: understanding the importance of focus, structure, and coherence as they apply to the sequencing and pacing of math intervention content; demonstrating how observation strategies can inform instruction; and supporting second language learners.

Interactive Online Training

Do The Math Interactive Webinar

In this interactive webinar, teachers, coaches, and administrators learn how to get started with Do The Math, including: previewing program materials, understanding the math behind Do The Math, teaching with lessons and games, and placing students and monitoring progress.