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Redefining Effective Math Intervention with Do The Math

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Do The Math was created specifically for those students who are struggling in math and who need more than what the teacher can provide in the context of regular math instruction.

Do The Math helps struggling students and their teachers in three important ways:


Do The Math rebuilds the critical foundations for algebra by focusing on whole numbers and fractions. The program scaffolds these topics even further, moving from basic concepts to more complex operational work. Students spend more time on key concepts over the course of multiple lessons, providing the time they need to learn, process, and build a deep understanding.


Do The Math is designed around eight research-based instructional practices for struggling students: Scaffolded Content, Explicit Instruction, Multiple Strategies, Gradual Release routines, Student Interaction, Meaningful Practice, Assessment & Differentiation, and Vocabulary & Language to help meet the needs of every student.

Click here for more information on the Pedagogy & Instruction embedded into the program.


The research-based lessons in Do The Math support teachers in understanding and delivering effective math instruction. Do The Math embeds professional development and point-of-use support into every lesson with clear steps for easily and effective managed teaching. Strategically placed throughout the program, these supports ensure all teachers will feel comfortable and confident with the content in Do The Math.