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Child sweeping classroom floor with a broom
Assigning chores to children in your classroom is fun - and it teaches a sense of responsibility!
  • Think! Think! Think! Work with children to decide which tasks should be performed daily (feeding the hamster), several times a day (holding the door), or weekly (passing out the class newsletter. 
  • Get them Going! Ask children to select classroom-helper partners. They can twirl a spinner to land on a child’s name or pick a name out of a jar for added excitement.
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Focus On
A child cooking
Whether you teach in a school, center, or family child-care setting, your cooking projects need to be safe. Follow these tips to keep your cooking accident-free.
  • Never let children use the stove, oven, hot plate, or garbage disposal.
  • Sit with children while using electrical appliances.
  • Place safety guards on drawers and doors.
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