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Grades 1-4 / High School and Community Volunteer Mentors



  • Independent Reading
  • Increased Comprehension
  • Write with Evidence

One-on-One Mentoring Program

BrainStorm is a mentorship program designed to build capacity in a district by pairing mentors—teens or adults from the community—with young readers in an effort to strengthen a child's reading comprehension, decoding, and critical-thinking skills. Mentoring pairs meet for approximately one hour per week for up to 30 weeks. During the sessions, trained mentors utilize structured guides with teaching prompts that align with a student magazine to implement a fun, skill-building literacy lesson.

Ideal Users

  • Schools and districts
  • Key clubs
  • Community-based organizations

What It Includes

  • Mentor guides
  • Student Read-to-Learn magazines
  • High-interest books
  • Implementation guide

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There are currently 18 million children in the United States who want and need a mentor, but only three million have one.

-MENTOR Fact Sheet, 2012

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