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The FACE Literacy Initiative

Bringing Literacy Home

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Students do their best inside of class when they have support
outside of class.
Scholastic FACE—Family and Community
Engagement—is committed to connecting every caring adult to ensure
effective and sustainable literacy support for all children, whether in
school, in the community, or in the home.

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What is the FACE Literacy Initiative?

The FACE Literacy Initiative is the most important family- and community-based
campaign in Scholastic's 91-year history.

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Is out-of-school support really that important?

Research shows that children achieve superior outcomes in school and in
life when they receive literacy support outside of the classroom. This support
consistently results in higher graduation rates, increased future earning
potential, and improved quality of life.1

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How will Scholastic support this initiative?

As part of this unprecedented program, Scholastic will subsidize all books
purchased for student ownership through the FACE Literacy Initiative by 55-80%
and ship them for free. This is our commitment to helping you improve academic
performance while keeping students on track for college and career success.

Scholastic FACE will also offer research-based programming to support student
literacy, including:

  • Read and Rise—Family Literacy Workshops
  • Board Books with Family Reading Tips
  • REAL—Community Mentoring Program
  • Brainstorm—High School Service Learning Program
  • Summer Reading Programs
  • Expanded Learning Solutions


Join FACE by filling out our brief application or calling your Scholastic representative. Partnering with Scholastic will increase access to research-based resources at home and in the community for all students.

1 Redding, Sam, Marilyn Murphy & Pam Sheley, eds. Handbook on Family and Community Engagement. Lincoln: Academic Development Institute. 2001.