Developed by Kathryn L. Roberts, Gail E. Jordan and Nell K. Duke, this practical and effective resource includes a series of five 90-minute LITERACY WORKSHOPS complete with videos, hands-on activities, and a facilitator’s guide with step-by-step support for involving families in their children’s literacy growth.

The five easy-to-implement workshops give parents ready-to- use ideas and show how “Literacy Happens...” in every area of a child’s life: at home, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and bathroom, and out and about.

Families will learn to engage their children with motivating and fun guided language and literacy activities that address six core literacy areas:

Concepts of Print Letter-Sound Knowledge
Writing Comprehension
Phonological Awareness Oral Language

What It Is:

•  A step-by-step Workshop Leader’s Guide with plans and schedules
•  Easy-to-prepare hands-on literacy activities for families to use at workshops and revisit at home (12 per session / 2 for each core literacy area)
•  5 ready-to-show videos to help kick-off each session topic
•  5 high-quality, read-aloud trade books to complement each workshop theme
•  Tips for running successful workshops and boosting attendance
PLUS, the Workshop Leader’s Guide offers ideas for addressing participation obstacles, such as work schedules, transportation, adult literacy levels, and English as a Second Language.

What It Includes:

•  Welcome and Introduction (10 minutes)
•  Video Viewing and Discussion (15-20 minutes)
•  Literacy Activities Overview (10-15 minutes)
•  Pre and Post Assessments