REAL - Mentorship Program

Raising the Power of Family Engagement

Dr. Karen Mapp’s Family Engagement Workshop Series is rooted in the research and best practices for Family-School Partnerships developed by the US Department of Education and authored by Dr. Karen Mapp.

This series consists of three interactive, full day workshops focused on exploring the link between family and community engagement and student achievement. These workshops are designed to raise the power of family engagement and build a yearlong action plan to ensure continued success.

Series One includes three workshops:

Redesigning Family Engagement—The Essential Ingredient
Redesigning Family Engagement—The Essential Ingredient

This module contains foundational training for district leadership and school teams, and covers the building blocks for elevated family engagement.
Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of the link between family and community engagement, student achievement and school improvement. They’ll develop the culturally responsive tools to implement family partnership work.
Designing Family Engagement Events
Designing Family Engagement Events

This module examines current core beliefs and deepens the participants’ understanding of the best practices in family engagement through a series of expert-guided interactive exercises.
Participants will be able to design family engagement events linked to learning, fostering family networks, and providing opportunities to practice new skills, including developing a plan and implementing a “re-purposed” family engagement event prior to Workshop 3.
Engaging Families In Learning Throughout The School Year
Engaging Families In Learning Throughout The School Year

This module demonstrates how to create exemplary family learning events that are directly linked to the school’s improvement plan.
Participants will experience family learning from two perspectives—that of the educator and the family member. They will engage families and childcare providers to establish an action team to carry out strategies at home and in the community. Participants will also establish an Action Team to implement a year-long, multistrategy plan.
*Participants must attend all three workshops in the Series.

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What to Expect?

Dr. Karen Mapp's Family Engagement Workshop Series focuses on increasing the capacity of both staff and families in the 4Cs: Capabilities, Connections, Cognition and Confidence. This hands-on, interactive program is designed to inspire teachers and families to form powerful learning partnerships to enhance student performance and enable systemic school advancement.

Who Should Attend?

  • Schools and districts
  • Family representatives
  • Community members
  • District leaders and other administrative staff members


  • Three full-day interactive workshops with hands-on applications
  • 24/7 access to online videos and resources
  • Access to consultative support
  • Participant guide and resources to build a sustainable Family Engagement action plan