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Key Pillars

Mentoring Partnership
Access to Books

Designed For: K-7

Funding: Title I, 21st CCLC, Head Start

Selection: English

What It Includes: Implementation Guide, K-7 Fiction & Nonfiction Titles, Mentor and Student Guides, Student Writing Activities, Mentor Letter & Application, and Teacher & Family Letters.

Ideal User: Districts, Schools, Community Based Organizations, Corporate Employee Engagement Programs; After School Programs


Why It's Important

Youth mentoring helps young people succeed, establishing supportive and beneficial relationships between youth and mentors. These programs promote positive individual development, improved self-esteem, better social skills, and knowledge of career opportunities. Youth involved in mentoring programs are also less likely to drop out of school or use substances, and are more likely to pursue higher education.

Why It Works

Scholastic R.E.A.L. provides school districts with the tools and structures needed to build and deliver successful community mentoring programs and develop students' literacy skills.


Mentoring Schedule       Implementation

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