Fluency Formula Assessment System

The National Reading Panel recommends that fluency be assessed formally on a regular basis. Many states and districts now require Oral Fluency Assessments (OFAs) as a measure of adequate yearly progress. Scholastic's Fluency Formula Assessment System allows you to meet these requirements with confidence and ease.
How it Works
Oral Fluency Assessment (OFA) Technical Manual
Assessment research paper

Measure student fluency with pinpoint accuracy
Ensure all students attain the fluency levels necessary to comprehend grade-level text. Plus, identify students who need fluency intervention.

Quickly administer oral fluency assessments
Grade-level passages are quick one-minute reads for students and easy for teachers to deliver. Just five minutes total per student!

Get results you can trust
Monitor student progress three times per year with the most reliable measure

Tailor instruction based on results
Use our Handbook to set instructional goals based on student assessment scores.

And it works with any reading program
Fill the fluency assessment gap in your textbook and yearly testing plan.

You can be confident in the reliability and validity of Scholastic’s Fluency Formula Assessment System due to the extensive testing process used to develop the evaluation components.

Edformation, an independent educational research and development organization, created grade-level passages. These passages were evaluated by administering OFAs to a representative sample of students. Based on statistical analysis of results, ineffective passages were eliminated. The final set of passages were then normed with thousands of students across the U.S., establishing their usefulness as reliable and valid measures of student progress in reading.

A component on the Fluency Formula Kits, Scholastic's Fluency Formula Assessment System contains EVERYTHING you need to assess your students' reading fluency.

Six Grade-Level Assessment Systems Available (Grades 1-6)
Each includes:

Assessment Handbook
• Benchmark Passages (3)
• Progress Monitoring Passages (24)
• Student Timer
Progress Charts

Each Grade-Level Assessment is also available separately: