Fluency Formula Kit


Scholastic's Fluency Formula is a supplemental program based on research by the National Reading Panel that indicates that fluency instruction, practice, and assessment are essential for bridging the gap between word recognition and comprehension. Fluent reading requires speedy recognition of words, decoding accuracy, and oral expressiveness (prosody) — the foundation of Scholastic's Fluency Formula Kits.

Six Grade-Level Kits Available (Grades 1-6)

Instruction research paper

Direct Instruction Components

Professional Guide — Weekly instructional plans and more!

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Read Aloud Anthology — Teacher modeling of fluency strategies

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Student Workbooks — Extended independent and at-home practice

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Fluency Activity Cards — Fun ideas for learning center and small-group work (Included in Grades 1-5 Kits)

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Leveled Passage Reproducibles — Extra reading practice

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Fluency FlipChart — Reinforce foundational phonics and sight word skills

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Building Fluency — Resource book by Wiley Blevins

Fluency Formula Assessment System*

Assessment Handbook
Benchmark Passages (3) — Beginning/middle/end-of-year assessment
  for all students
Progress Monitoring Passages (24) — Weekly assessment for
  struggling readers
Student Timers (2)
Student Progress Charts

Fluency Formula Library*

Each library includes:
24 leveled Fluency books, 4 copies of each title
6 CDs, 4 titles per CD (only included when the library is purchased with Audio CDs.)
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*Also available separately.
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