Fluency Formula Library & Audio CDs

The National Reading Panel reports that fluency practice is essential for students to bridge the gap between word recognition and comprehension. Fluent reading requires speedy recognition of words, decoding accuracy, and oral expressiveness (prosody) — the Fluency Formula.

Targeted Reading Practice
• High-interest fiction and nonfiction books motivate your students to read and re-read.
• Carefully leveled text ensures students build automatic word recognition.
• Quick, easy-to-read format maximizes students’ independent and at-home reading time.

Motivation to Read Aloud
• Audio CDs provide a model of fluent reading for each book. Two read-along speeds -- “Practice” and “Expert” --support students as they develop into fluent readers.*

Six Grade-Level Libraries Available
(Grades 1-6)

Each library includes:
• 24 leveled Fluency books, 4 copies of each title
• 6 CDs per library, 4 titles per CD (only included when the library is purchased with Audio CDs.)
See sample page from Grade 1
See sample page from Grade 2
See sample page from Grade 3
See sample page from Grade 4
See sample page from Grade 5
See sample page from Grade 6

These libraries, a component of the Fluency Formula Kits, are also available separately:

• Each Grade-Level Library

• Each Grade-Level Library with Audio CDs
Click here for complete Leveling Guides

* Note that books of greater length have only a portion of the text recorded. The shorter recordings allow students to read and reread the same passage in a single listening center session. This repeated reading allows students to maximize fluency growth during limited classroom time.